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2016 Webinar Archive

Topic: The Brave New World of Checking

Original Broadcast Date: Thursday, September 29th 2016

Length of Webinar: 60 minutes

Cost: $339.99 per site - Includes streamed Webinar Recording.

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The Brave New World of Checking

Checking is going thru a revolution. Less than a decade ago, having more than 10 debit or credit transactions per month was considered high. Now checking account users have more than triple that, with an average of over 30 per month, or at least one transaction per day. The volume and type of transactions are changing the future of checking.

Moebs $ervices June 2016 Survey on checking accounts includes over 3,800 Financial Institutions. Our study shows a
groundbreaking diversification of checking accounts that has never been observed before.

Large Financial Institutions no longer have a distinct advantage in checking. Influential services like banking Apps and Reloadable Prepaid Cards are coming into play and changing the checking account as we know it. Yet, some trends like Free Checking are keeping pace.

Financial Institutions are beginning to consolidate their checking accounts. The reoccurring question many are still trying to figure out is: How do you offer less checking account options while, in return, giving the consumer more?

While a staggering 96% of Financial Institutions have unprofitable checking, we see that Basic Checking fees of interchange and overdrafts are driving checking to profitability.

What to do?
Moebs’ data, information, and intelligence will reveal what Financial Institutions are doing to fulfill the wants and needs of consumers in the New World of Checking Accounts.

Webinar Agenda
Checking Dormancy is over – It is a New World of Transaction Accounts

Topics we’ll cover include:
Rise of Basic Non-Interest Checking with a Flat Monthly Fee
Why is Flat Fee Checking coming back? What other account types are being offered?

The Secret Checking Account - Reloadable Prepaid Card (RPC)
Why Consumers Love RPCs? What are the winning features of an RPC?

The Drivers of Checking: Geography, FI Size, Design, FI Type
Regional Differences? Is Bigger Better? Out with the Old in with the New?

Transaction Checking, Relationship Checking, or Both?
Are Millennials Driving Checking Design? Are Apps playing a part?

The Evolution of Checking to Transaction Account
What will checking look like in 2020? How do you get ahead of the game?