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2016 Webinar Archive

Topic: Moebs Survey: Overdraft Outlook

Original Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Length of Webinar: 60 minutes

Cost: $339.99 per site

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Moebs Survey: Overdraft Outlook Webinar Archive: $339.99

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Overdraft Revenue and Volume are increasing while Price remains constant. With OD Revenue currently at $31.9 Billion, what is the probability it will keep rising and hit $40 Billion by 2020?

The CFPB has the potential to help Financial Institutions with the recent proposal to eliminate Payday Loans.

However, other components are affecting consumer behavior and consequently work against a rising OD Revenue. Will Mobile Apps, which make managing a checking account simple and easy, begin to impact consumer Overdraft behavior?

Along with that, the Reloadable Prepaid Card, which does not allow overdrafts, gives the consumer the ability to avoid them altogether.
With a focus on eliminating Payday Lenders and the changing evolution of banking and services, the Overdraft future appears complex and cloudy.

Moebs’ annual survey on checking accounts and fees has been expanded to more than 3,800 Financial Institutions – Banks, Thrifts, and Credit Unions.

This gives Moebs the ability to understand the current trends and future progression of not only Overdrafts, but the industry as a whole.

With years of experience and gained knowledge of the industry, Moebs $ervices can provide answers to the future of Overdrafts.

Webinar Agenda

The right OD Price and Features can increase revenue – learn what works best for you.

Topics we’ll cover include:
Overdraft Strategies
What is the right Price for your Institution? What “OD Friendly” Features work best?

OD Pricing with Different Channels
Is Opt-In Essential? Should OD Channels be priced differently?

Managing and Maintaining Opt-in Programs
Are high Opt-in Rates Beneficial? How does a successful Opt-in program create revenue?

Status of CFPB on ODs, Payday Loans, Reloadable Prepaid Cards
What will the CFPB do with PDLs? When will the CFPB Act on ODs?

Changing Evolution of the Checking Account?
Will Apps affect Consumer OD Behavior? Will OD Features affect OD Revenue?